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Pedro Castro Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.0
Fast Shutdown does a very specific task: it turns off or restarts your computer. You may be wondering what you need it for, when Windows already lets you do it from the Start menu. The reason why somebody has developed this sort of application is because Windows normally takes a lot of time to turn off and restart, so this application can help you save lots of your precious time.
This software is really easy to use, but what else could we expect? This program has only three functions: fast shutdown, fast restart and instant shutdown. The interface could not be made more intuitive: it has four large buttons with their corresponding caption. There is definitely no way you could not understand its use, even if it is your first time and you have not read any type of instructions. In addition, these buttons are accompanied by a piece of text explaining the program’s options and warning you to save all your work before shutting down.
In addition, Fast Shutdown can be run from the command prompt, which may be useful for developers writing batch scripts or needing to include a reboot action in an application.


  • It restarts your computer really fast.


  • It does not protect your current work.

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Facebook comments

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    Helen Cobos 3 years ago
    Pros: Free, easy-to-use
    Cons: None

    With this app I've discovered a new way to shut down the Windows XP. It works 100 %.

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